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Staff selection

Our company values its employees and tries to create for them a comfortable work environment. We have a lot of young and enterprising professionals working for us.

Below is the list of our main principals of staff selection:

  • Good analytical skills.
    We test our candidates mathematical and problem solving skills as well as their ability to solve non-standard problems.
  • Personal qualities.
    Our employees are friendly and open-minded. This creates an excellent work climate, and it is of great importance to us that our new candidates feel the same way.
  • Knowledge and experience.
    We don’t try to hire super geniuses and hackers. It is sufficient for us that you show a decent knowledge of the subject matter. We can teach you everything else.
  • Client-oriented approach to business.
    Our motto is « We don’t work with computers, we work with people»
  • Absence of unhealthy habits.
    Our employees generally don’t smoke, and this is always encouraged by the company.

Open vacancies

At this moment we don’t have any open vacancies.

However, feel free to send us your CV to When we need a new specialist, we spend a lot of time and effort on the selection process. If we find that your profile fits our criteria, we will contact you.