Main advantages of TurboService
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Main advantages of TurboService

Main advantages of TurboService

Business reputaion
Our clients and suppliers can confirm the business reputation of our compnay and the quality of our software products and support services.
Simplicity, user friendliness, consistency
Our program is very intuitive to use. One does not need to be an accountant to use it. Even when new employees arrive, they can quicly start using TurboService. If a particular function is user friendly - it will be used. We often witnessed in other programs the presence of functions that nobody used. This occurs when functions are not user friendly. All functions in TurboService are used by our clients. You won't need to adapt to the program - it is already configured according to the standard processes of car repair and maintenance as well as selling cars and spare parts. Our program is hard to configure and fine-tune, but is extremely easy to use.
Available features
All the features that you need in your business are already contained in TurboService. Please familiarize yourself with the list of available modules. If you find that some feature is missing, either you simply missed it or it is being developed for our future releases.
In 95% of the cases, in order to provide quality customer support, you need to be able to give an answer over the phone, or after remotely accessing your client's data base using secure data communication protocols. Only business analysts visit their clients in-person to discussand develop solutions to business development problems. However, the majority of clients can be located in different cities. Either us or our dealers visit our cleints at least once a year. The efficiency of our client support allows us to quickly react to their requests. TurboService has practically everything that you may need to adapt the program to your needs. Any modifications can be introduced either directly by users or by by devlelopers. We strive to make all modifications correct and consistent. You can always train your programmers so that later they will be able to modify the program when needed. However, the program comes with administration add-ins that make it possible to modify the program without programming services. Our support extends the warranty period. We are always ready to react to your requests and concerns irrespectively of our workload and the cost of finding a solution.
Comprehensive approach
We have been in the market since 1998, and provide our clients with a comprehensive range of computer support and related services. Our technical support department can help you configuring  your software, network or servers. Bastion Group supplied many of its customers with "turn-key" solutions acting as a system integrator: installing low-voltage (ip telephony, TV, video surveillance, access control) networks  and power lines, providing telecommunication equipment, servers, personal computers, office equipment and software. In such cases we always provide our clients with a comprehensive warranty. Our technical support contracts cover both software and hardware. Our technical support department can administer and conduct routine maintenance of servers, networks and personal computers together with, or in place of, your system administrator.
Productivity and reliability
We constantly update our program using the leading softawre development methods. We understand the cost of down-time, and make sure that they don't happen because of TurboService. We have clients that produce more than 500 documents a day using a single data base - single server setup with a simultaneous access of more than 200 users.
TurboService is perfectly compatible with many popular software packages. You can exchange data with 1C and use catalogs from Autodata, MicroCat, Audatex, Еurotax, ESI[tronic], ASANetwork and Cabas. To connect TurboService to your accounting system we offer a baseline solution that, when necessary, can be customized to meet your requirements.
During the installation and configuration of TurboService, we organize training sessions for system administrators and other employees of car-care centers. Often, our representatives are present during the launching of TurboService, even when the car-care centers are located in different cities. Together with the program comes a user-friendly help system. In addition, we propose the TurboService programming and administration courses as well as personalized training sessions in our classes or at clients' location.
The right program for car business
Thanks to more than 10 years of experience, we learned the ins and outs of car business. We created TurboService to be not just a program for data entry and reporting, but a system of busines process management. With TurboService, the organizational processes of your company will be correctly set up independently of its size. We know of a case of one car-care center when, after installing TurboService and discovering the "Autorization to leave" document, the management decided to install a window in the office wall as well as a guard post, thus solving the old problem of unpaid repairs.
A unique caracteristic of TurboService is its capacity to suit businesses of different sizes, ranging from small workshops with only two computers to large holdings with several dealer car-care centers. You can service cars, trucks and trailers, conduct routine maintenance as well as mechanical, body and specialized repairs. TurboService will suit your business because it can be optimally configured for each individual car-care center. User-specific interfaces allow staff members to utilize only the necessary program features.
Business protection
TurboService protects the interests of business owners. The program contains a variety of mechanisms preventing thefr and other unautorized actions. We studied different theft scenarios, and for each of them there is a specia protection in TurboService. Our program also allows journalling. It is always possible to see any user's activity even if the user had destroyed some information. Users can be assigned special privileges that define what information may be viewed and/or modified.