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No need to buy a cat in a bag. We and you need to be sure that our program suits your company, and that its cost and the installation period are predictable.


Convince yourself that TurboService is what you are looking for !


1. During our meeting (or presentation), look at all the aspects that may be of interest to you. 
2. Learn what the default configuration of the program does not do, and how much any additional features will cost.
3. Conduct a preliminary analysis together with our specialists. This should give you an accurate information about the cost.

Still having doubts? Let’s count the advantages of TurboService.

1. You will get a better control of your business by being able to delegate key tasks. 
    We will provide you with tools for evaluating managerial decisions.
2. Increase, by using leading technologies, your work efficiency and the loyalty of your clients.
3. TurboService allows you to be less demanding regarding the skills of your employees. The program is extremely simple to use.
4. You will be able to control all business processes. All theft attempts will be prevented, and all employees’ actions recorded. The likelihood of errors decreases.
5. The use of modern technologies (control of the production process, internet office, etc.).
6. Better precision of employee motivation.
You employees will know that all their actions aimed at achieving your goals will be appreciated and will affect their pay.
This creates strong incentives for your employees.


See how we can solve your problems.

We managed to organize our work in such an efficient way that even our small teams can provide quality client support.

If you are still having doubts, consider:

1. Getting some feedback from our large clients that use TurboService, and see for yourself how satisfied they are.
2. Verifying that other large dealerships are already using the technologies that we provide.


You need more visibility regarding the cost and the implementation period? You can get it.


1. Select the implementation principle (extreme or typical).
2. Step by step, install the modules.
3. Understand the basics of price formation.
4. Get a good understanding of the default features.
5. Determine the range of permissible deviations from your budget.
6. Manage changes.
7. Set priorities for new tasks.