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Toyota Motor TSM Level 1 Certificate


Toyta Primorsky Center, Lexus Primorsky Center, Toyota Avtovo Center and Toyota Tolyatti Center all received the level 1 certificates. This is a confirmation of their high standards of customer service. Many quality criteria set by Toyota are related to software reliability. TurboService, built around the lean manufacturing principles, satisfies these criteria. The TurboService PPC (Production Process Control) module can significantly optimize the service process and allows you to measure the efficiency of mechanics, elements of the production chain, and work shifts. In addition to that, you will be able to detect periods of idleness, classify them and take measures aimed at their elimination.

The TSM certification program presupposes that Toyota and Lexus dealers create systems of development of high-quality services.  The essence of the TSM program consists in sequential adoption of the Kaizen principles in portfolios of post-sale services.   

During the audit, the adequacy the following principles was tested:

- the Just-in-time principle, according to which only the required quantity of output is produced and shipped at specified points in time. This drastically reduces the level of inventories and related expenses;

- reducing the Muda and Mura waste – the concept of reducing various forms of production waste and expenses – idle equipment, excess inventories, excessive movements of staff and materials;

- achieving Heijunka -  production smoothing that prevents sharp performance fluctuations (capacity “forcing” and periods of idleness) thanks to precise planning and sequencing of production operations. In car-care this becomes possible with the use of specialized software programs and constant visual inspections of cars in service;

- the presence of the 7 principles of warehouse centre design used for optimizing inventories thus minimizing the required warehouse space.




4th place in Russia in 2010 for the VW authorized dealer “Klassika”



The manufacturer’s representatives in Russian Federation tested VW dealers’ efficiency and quality of customer service. When the results were in, a Saint-Petersburg dealer « Klassika » came in 4th.

A total of almost 130 Russian dealerships were included in this ranking. Among other factors that contributed to this impressive performance was the use of leading management control practices: warehouse optimization, production process control, the CRM module and car-repair process monitoring.