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We are often asked questions like « What amounts of data can be handled by your program?” or “How far back in time can your data base go? “. Well, we don’t know. But we can give you examples of some of the projects we worked on. For one authorized VW dealer we made available a database consisting of 550 000 items. Our other client, a multi-brand holding, runs a network with a single data base and more than 200 users. We can easily upload manufacturers’ standards to dealers’ databases, and the entire data base contains more than 2 000 000 of such production time standards.  One Toyota dealer’s data base contains all the information starting from 1998. However, this does not slow down the working of the program for its users. The majority of reports can be created in less than a minute. Creating long reports never exceeds 10 minutes. Saving repair orders takes on average 3 seconds.

The TurboService package is server-client type application based on the “smart client” technology.  Given a particular client’s needs, the executable file can receive the required information about the user interface and settings from the client’s data base. Thus, the user interface can be modified “on the fly”. To add an additional feature, one only needs to update the date base instead of recompiling the executable file.

TurboService can handle very large quantities of data over the Internet. Note that the program allows a direct connection to the server rather than a remote access via the RDP. Our program is optimized to the point of being able to use even the low-bandwidth connections.





Our company utilizes the following efficient production technologies:

  • Z- platform
  • Smart Client
  • User-specific program interface
  • Reduced Update Cycle
  • Cooperation with Microsoft and Borland

Our business uses the lean manufacturing principles and the Kaizen philosophy.



As a result, we developed our special organizational processes and customized tools.

As a consequence, the level of satisfaction of our clients is quite high, and they don’t hesitate to recommend us to other potential customers.