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Our main priority is our clients. Our main asset – our employees. We don’t look for easy answers, nor do we try to sell our software at any cost. We work with clients that know the meaning of efficiency and therefore understand the value added of TurboService. Thus, it is of great importance to us to observe increases in efficiency of our clients derived from our IT services. This boosts the development of these companies allowing them to open new workshops and dealerships which in turn increases their demand for our products..

We also work with our programs

We create products that we use in our own business. Using TurboService we produce payment orders for programming services, purchases of servers, installations of low-voltage networks, etc. In TurboService we also calculate our profit margins, employee output and salaries. Using its different modules we can plan our work, control different stages of project implementation and manage the budgeting of our expenses. We are never ashamed of our products.

Our main competitive advantages


  1. A large range of services.
    We are ready to work on your problems the scale of which is determined by you. You need to automate a small car-care center – we can do it. You need to install management control software for your new dealership, build a low-voltage network, purchase new computers, servers, software or office equipment – we can propose our services and provide a full guarantee. We completed more than 20 turn-key projects of large dealership centers
  2. The professionalism of our employees.
    Could we ever tackle such complex  tasks as automation of large distribution networks  of large dealerships without our highly qualified specialists? Obviously
    not. Our employees are focused on achieving our companys goals, and their salaries reflect our companys profits.
  3. Confidentiality.
    We clearly define the nature of our involvement with our clients and employees, and pay a lot of attention to various aspects of safety and confidentiality of our clients.
  4. Optimized business process.
    To automate complex business operations and increase efficiency we must ourselves work efficiently in the first place. We use leading technologies and ITIL tools. The foundation of all this is an optimized business process of software development.
  5. Timeliness.
    Often problems that involve software modification need to be solved in a limited amount of time. This could be determined by the dynamic of firm development or scheduled audits by car manufacturers. We understand the importance of providing timely solutions to the problems that matter to our clients, and they value this understanding.