TurboService - is a software specifically designed for car-care centers, auto stores and car dealer centers allowing integrated workflow automation, inventory management and financial management.

Main advantages of TurboService

Our program is very intuitive to use. One does not need to be an accountant to use it. Even when new employees arrive, they can quicly start using TurboService. If a particular function is user friendly - it will be used. We often witnessed in other programs the presence of functions that nobody used. This occurs when functions are not user friendly. All functions in TurboService are used by our clients. You won't need to adapt to the program - it is already configured according to the standard processes of car repair and maintenance as well as selling cars and spare parts. Our program is hard to configure and fine-tune, but is extremely easy to use. More

Change your software like you change cars

Your car is 3 years old. It came to your rescue so many times, but now it no longer corresponds to your needs. Your spend money on its maintenance but receive nothing in return. You fill it with gasoline and have it go through regular technical inspections. But as time goes on, your car breaks more and more often As a result, you face a small dilemma because, on the one hand, you feel a certain attachment to your old car, while, on the other, you many need money to buy a new one. Nevertheless, the problems become more and more annoying, and not only do you not get any pleasure from driving, but also your financial losses from constant breakdowns become quite significant.

Beware of fakes!

AttentionThe current software market is full of programs that position themselves as car business automation solutions, while in reality they are just nicely packaged low-cost products, poorly adapted for car business. If you are planning to buy a low-quality, low-cost equipment, and hope that you will be able to get a good-quality output, you are seriously mistaken. By saving some money on software, you will later lose much more by not being able to work efficiently. Your operational costs will increase because of theft and staff errors. Before buying, decide what is really important for your business.